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50 French Dessert Recipes

There's no denying the appeal of a classic French dessert

From street-side nutella crêpes to a wintertime cassoulet, France is renown for its love of food—and special attention is placed on pastries, baked goods, and desserts. From pâte choux to pâte brisée to crème patissière, many of the world's beloved desserts use techniques and basics that are French in origin, and these recipes are never-ending. However, we tried to condense some of the country's best desserts into a smaller list; so, we give you 50 of our favorite French dessert recipes.

For a simple weeknight dessert, check out our classic chocolate mousse; for a fancy dinner party, walk out of your kitchen with rich crème brûlée or a towering croquembouche to impress your guests.

Or, if you're just looking to master a French dessert, regardless of occasion, choose one by ingredient. If you’re looking for a dessert that's fruit forward, we have tart recipes with various fillings like apples, pears, figs, apricots, and blackberries; if a tart isn't your dessert of choice, end a meal with a lighter raspberry brûlée or peach-covered crepes.

No dessert list would be complete without the ingredient that epitomizes desserts to so many: Chocolate. Brownie-like chocolate cake, not-too-sweet truffles, or a gluten-free chocolate soufflé will satisfy a chocolate craving, but if you're not searching for a dessert where chocolate is the main flavor, try our recipe for chocolate puff pastry and use it in any recipe where you would've used puffy pastry before (but now, it has a little extra flavor).

And for those who'd rather end their meal with a savory dessert, a cheese curd tart is a light end to a heavy meal.

Regardless of the occasion, you're sure to find a recipe to bookmark in our collection of 50 French desserts.