15 Cocktail Instagrams to Follow in 2017

From bartenders to booze bloggers, quench your thirst with these spirited feeds

By Dan Q. Dao

Published on March 28, 2017

Sure, our favorite food Instagrams will tempt you with over-the-top, barely safe-for-work photos of carbs and cheese, and the best design Instagrams will give you serious room envy. But come 5pm, we've got one thing on our mind: booze. As both craft cocktail culture and social media culture becoming increasingly popular, so have they joined forces to give you all the drink porn you could ever want. From bartenders to booze bloggers, here our favorite feeds to follow for the scoop on beautiful cocktails, bars, and recipes.

The Liqr Cabinet
The Liquor Cabinet (@theliqrcabinet)

A joint effort by Instagram megastar Patrick Janelle, his brothers Peter and Sean and Maison Premiere veteran Maxwell Britten, this mobile bartending app offers stunning on-screen visuals that translate naturally to its Instagram feed. Cocktail insiders will get a kick out of the perfectly styled barware, stunningly well-kept backbars, and of course, the most photogenic garnishes in the game.

Dead Rabbit
The Dead Rabbit (@deadrabbitnyc)

Being unanimously crowned the World's Best Bar means you have to be doing a lot of things right. Located in New York City's Financial District, the Dead Rabbit is helmed by a crew of talented barkeeps who know their way around a cocktail that's not only balanced, but beautiful. Their feed documents an ongoing journey, from the bar's signature drinks to the folks behind them and the ever-creative menu concepts—think graphic novels and comic books.

Kyle Ford
Kyle Ford (@kyle4d) and Rachel Ford (@rachel4d)

This husband-wife duo is the booze-loving team behind Ford Marketing Lab, a creative agency that bridges the worlds of spirits, photography, and marketing. With hospitality backgrounds that include stints at Rémy Cointreau and Tanqueray, respectively, Kyle and Rachel are invaluable resources for cocktail enthusiasts and brands alike. And hey, it doesn’t hurt that their Instagram accounts are pure drink porn.

Mixology Art
Mixology Art (@mixologyart)

Based out of Dubai, Mixology Art is a full-service bar consultancy agency founded by Martin Kovar and Cristian PIneda specializing in menu development, staff training, and marketing for restaurants and bars. Balancing between traditional and flair bartending, Mixology Art uses its Instagram to share its bar projects and travels all over the world.


The boys behind Attaboy in NYC know that bartending is about having a good time as much as it is making sure your guests are too. With cheeky videos poking fun at the seriousness of #mixology, these guys remind us to serve our cocktails with a side of fun.

Thirsty Mag (@thirsty)

Quench your thirst with the drinks-focused articles, recipes, and interviews on Thirsty Mag. The booze-friendly blog has the top recommendations for bars across the country and beyond. With everything from cozy mugs of spiked lattes to towering tropical swizzles, the picture-perfect Instagram grid makes you want to not just drink the presentation, but also snap a photo.

Rael Petit
Rael Petit (@raelpetit)

This bartender from New York City's Delilah restaurant will garnish a drink with just about anything. From lego candies in a rum punch to an egg-white sour topped with a homemade bitters stencil of Darth Vader, there's no limit to the creativity when it comes to drink presentation.

Elliott Clark
Elliott Clark (@apartmentbartender)

A self-proclaimed “semi-decent home bartender,” Elliott Clark translates his years of experiences behind the bar into bartending tips and tricks to practice from the comfort of your home. Each of Clark’s posts contains the instructions and inspiration you need to make your next cocktail.

Women & Whiskies
Women & Whiskies (@womenandwhiskies)

Started in 2010 by Campari America, Women and Whiskies was created to combat the widespread notion that whiskey is meant for only men. With grade-A tablescaping inspiration and recipes galore, the feed proves that whiskey is better off when all drinkers, men and women alike, get involved.

Kurtis Bosley
Kurtis Bosley (@cocktailsbykurtis)

Since 2016, Sydney-based bartender Kurtis Bosley has stirred and shaken his way to Instagram stardom with his unpretentious yet eye-catching creations. A veteran of Sydney's cocktail scene, Bosley now works with Public House Management Group overseeing menus for the group's pubs including the Royal Hotel Paddington and the Woollahra Hotel. He also works independently on his own brand of batched and bottled cocktails called Kordials.

Arsenic Lace
Arsenic Lace (@arseniclace)

Bartender-turned-blogger Natalie Jacob turns cocktails into art with her signature style of bright, bold colors. From whimsical Lucky Charms cereal milk punch to spritzes for every holiday, Jacob’s recipes can stand up to the best of any cocktail bar.

Stacie Grissom
Stacie Grissom (@gardencocktails)

Living in New York City with a balcony garden is something most New Yorkers will never experience. Stacie Grissom, the maker behind crafts blog Stars for Streetlights, took advantage of her unique situation to create a one-of-a-kind balcony cocktail garden. Naturally, Grissom's drinks are not only about presentation, but also the "herbs, flowers, and botanical things," as she puts it.

Cocktail Kingdom
Cocktail Kingdom (@cocktailkingdom)

Purveyors of the finest barware, Cocktail Kingdom is the bartender's go-to for behind-the-stick gear. Catch their finest shakers, jiggers, glassware, punch bowls and more in action on their globe-trotting feed.

Prairie Rose
Prairie Rose (@bitbyafox)

Winner of Best Cocktail Blog at SAVEUR's 2014 Blog Awards, Bit by a Fox's Prairie Rose documents bar trends, profiles distilleries, and highlights industry notables and experts. Her 'gram showcases cocktails, travel, and the life of your typical girl-about-town.

Chad Coombs
Chad Coombs (@coqtale)

Minimalism and consistency are front and center in this cockail-centric feed by Chad Coombs, co-owner of Traditional Bitters and partner of the soon-to-open Sticks and Stones in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. Each cocktail is shot in perfect clarity atop Coombs' signature wooden table, letting the drinks colors and garnishes speak for themselves.

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