The 2018 SAVEUR Edible Gifts Guide

If you’re the type that spends time worrying over what to buy friends and family, remember this: There’s no one out there that doesn’t love food. These are some of the most delectable choices for edible food gifts around the web.

From Guatemalan Fleur de Sel to Peruvian Pink Sea Salt, this little kit can add big flavor to your dishes. I love that the salts are from unexpected places around the world. And that the pretty vials can be used for something else after, like home-dried herbs. —Stacy Adimando, Executive Editor

Someone out there really gets me. This is the kind of gift that will speak right to the heart of anyone who loves the best things in life—namely, a porky, salty, delicious treat on your doorstep each month. —Stacy Adimando, Executive Editor

Tony’s Chocolonely is a bean-to-bar chocolate company started by Dutch journalist, Teun van de Keuken. Teun is striving to improve transparancy and working conditions in the African cacao industry and the company’s primary goal—to make chocolate 100% slave free—is essential. On top of all of that, Tony’s makes awfully good chocolate. I love these limited edition flavors and the hefty 6-ounce bars in colorfully-printed wrappers make for cheeful, festive gifting. —Kat Craddock, Test Kitchen Manager

If you like ‘nudja, you’ll love La Quercia’s other two salumi-inspired spreads. The pesto bianco is a fatty lardo paste which makes a perfect fatty layer for bruschetta, while a dollop of the pancetta spread makes a miraculous starting point for carbonara. —Kat Craddock, Test Kitchen Manager

Each fall, Chicago based cofffee roaster Intelligentsia launches a limited edition Celebration Blend—a seasonal blend of single origin beans with a holiday-inspired flavor profile. This year’s batch comes from Ethiopia and Kenya and boasts bright and bewitching citrus and berry notes with a touch of tropical spice. —Kat Craddock, Test Kitchen Manager

I got hooked on this when I was on the French-Carribean island of Martinique, where (forgive me) the sugar just tastes better. This syrup, from the island, boasts a much denser flavor than your standard simple syrup, perfect for a daiquiri or any other cocktail. —Chris Cohen, Senior Editor

Nobody needs a half gallon of maple syrup, but if you have one, you will look forward to hopping out of bed on a cold winter morning a hell of a lot more. —Stacy Adimando, Executive Editor

Anchovies might sound more like something Santa leaves misbehaving boys and girls on Christmas Eve, but I would personally be tickled to receive a container of real Spanish marinated boquerones in my stocking. They’re the ideal tapa, perfect with a glass of fino sherry or white Rioja. —Chris Cohen, Senior Editor

I’m a purist when It comes to cheese and don’t tend to go for varieties with “stuff” mixed in. But when we’re talking Italian white truffles, well, that’s another story. This gently-aged Sardinian sheep’s milk cheese is injected with fragrant, chopped white truffles mid-way through the aging process, making it the perfect pairing for seasonal aperitivos, crisp and fruity white wine, or Champagne. I wouldn’t suggest grating a $100/pound pecorino over the family pasta, but a wedge of this stuff is a worthy and attractive splurge for your holiday cheese board. If you’re feeling particularly generous, treat the lucky cheese-lover in your life to the whole 7.7-pound wheel. (Note to Santa: You can send it to me, attn: SAVEUR Test Kitchen.) —Kat Craddock, Test Kitchen Manager