Brazilian Dishes

Succulent, roasted meats, toasted cassava flour, pickled chiles, and smoky stews—the flavors of Brazilian cuisine are as wide and varied as the country itself. Here are our favorite recipes that hail from Brazil.

See the Recipe Tuca Reines
See the Recipe Tuca Reines

Brazilian Salt Cod Stew

Salt cod is a staple in South America, the Caribbean, and Europe. This recipe comes from Neide Rigo, a Brazilian food blogger.

Collard Greens, Cornmeal, and Sausage Soup (Sopa de Fuba)

Cornmeal thickens the broth in this comforting soup from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Eggs and Scallions with Toasted Cassava Flour

Brazilians often toast cassava flour in butter to crisp it and deepen its color and flavor; sometimes they combine the resulting buttery farofa with eggs and onions, too. This dish, called Farofa de Ovo e Cebolinha, is based on one in Leticia Moreinos Schwartz’s The Brazilian Kitchen (Kyle Books, 2010).

Pão de Queijo

If you can’t find sour tapioca starch to make this Brazilian cheese bread, sweet tapioca starch will yield equally delicious results. Get the recipe for Pão de Queijo »

Bauru (Brazilian Roast Beef Sandwich)

Brazil’s Bauru is made by smothering roast beef with melted mozzarella and tomato. See the recipe For Bauru »

Brazilian Pickled Chiles (Conserva de Pimenta)

These Brazilian pickled chiles are a classic condiment alongside rice and beans, roast pork, or fish.
See the Recipe SAVEUR
See the Recipe James Oseland

Pasta and Shrimp Casserole (Camusclim)

This creamy-but-zesty pasta casserole combines shrimp, melted cheese, and béchamel. Get the recipe for Pasta and Shrimp Casserole (Camusclim) »
See the Recipe James Oseland

Brazilian Fish Stew

This hearty stew can be made with any firm-fleshed white fish, such as catfish or halibut.Get the recipe for Brazilian Fish Stew »

Banana and Cheese Pudding (Sombremesa de Banana com Queijo)

Fresh bananas layered with sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese combine in a sumptuous Brazilian dessert. Get the recipe for Banana and Cheese Pudding »
An adaptable stew from the Brazilian state of Bahia, Vatapa gets its luxurious texture and signature floral notes from coconut milk and palm oil. Get the recipe for Vatapa »

Brazilian Beans with Smoked Pork, Rice and Collards (Feijoada)

Brazilian Beans with Smoked Pork, Rice and Collards (Feijoada)


Some Brazilians substitute vodka for the fiery cachaça–sugarcane brandy–in this classic drink and call the result a caipiroska.