Fried Finger Food Recipes

Crunchy fried finger food is a party favorite

by0| PUBLISHED Jul 21, 2015 8:24 PM
Fried Finger Food Recipes
Light and airy, with a subtle squash flavor, zucchini blossoms are wonderful to cook; they make a flavorful, delicate appetizer when stuffed with salty anchovies and fried. Landon Nordeman

Hors d'oeuvres come in all forms, but for our money the best finger foods are deep-fried. Whether you're making game day snacks or party appetizers, you can't go wrong with a spread of fried appetizers. From bar food staples like Buffalo wings, French fries, and tater tots to more refined options like anchovy-stuffed zucchini blossoms, artichoke hearts, and mushroom tempura, we've rounded up our favorite deep-fried finger food recipes.

When it comes to fried snacks, it doesn't get more classic than French fries and onion rings. To give our French fries a deep, meaty flavor we fry them in a mixture of duck fat and canola oil. For our sweet potato fries we stick with vegetable oil, letting the flavor of sweet potato shine. For onion rings, we have two delicious optionsmdash;try battering the onions in a mix of honey, paprika, and lager beer or dipping them in buttermilk and crusting them with cornmeal.

A simple frying elevates all kinds of vegetables to comfort-food perfection. Check out our recipes for fried artichokes and mushroom tempura. Even vegetables that are typically garnishes become a satisfying snack when fried—try frying scallions, as well as parsley, basil, mint, and other herbs.

Fried seafood is crunchy, briny, and awesome. Fried oysters are a favorite of ours, especially when served with a spicy remoulade or a zesty dip made with butter and hot sauce. For something a little more substantial, stuff sardines with an herbaceous charmoula and fry until crispy.

Find all of these recipes and more in our collection of deep-fried finger food recipes.