Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

It's hard to beat the oozy goodness of melted cheese between slices of crunchy, grilled bread. Here are our favorite grilled cheese sandwiches.

Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches

These crisp mini-sandwiches are deep-fried and filled with molten cheese. Get the recipe for Fried Mozzarella Sandwiches »Matt Taylor-Gross

Monte Cristo

Monte Cristo
People have strong opinions about the Monte Cristo sandwich, a double-decker of Swiss cheese, ham, and chicken or turkey, battered, fried, and dusted with confectioners' sugar, served with jelly on the side. Some consider it a marvel; others, an absurdity. Try it with cranberry sauce! Get the recipe for Monte Cristo »Todd Coleman

The Schimmel Reuben Sandwich

reuben sandwich with side of chips
Pressing down on this sandwich with a spatula while it toasts in the pan is the key to achieving the outer crispness and well-melted cheese that you want in a Reuben. Pile the meat on generously but not more than an inch or two thick or else the interior won't get sufficiently warmed. Get the recipe for The Schimmel Reuben Sandwich »Matt Taylor-Gross

Braaibroodjie (South African Grilled Cheese)

"You won't find a more authentic braai dish than this," says butcher Andy Fenner, who feeds guests these cheesy sandwiches when they crack their first beers. Braaibroodjie translates to "barbecue bread," and this version stacks slices with cheddar, tomato, onions, and chutney before grilling. The chutney is key: Mrs. Ball's, an iconic brand in South Africa, is made from dried fruits and vinegar, but any sweet and sour chutney will do. Get the recipe for Braaibroodjie (South African Grilled Cheese) »Crookes and Jackson

Patty Melt

Patty Melt
Some say that the patty melt—a griddled sandwich of ground beef, caramelized onions, cheese, and rye bread—isn't technically a burger, because it has no bun. We love it just the same. Get the recipe Patty Melt »Andre Baranowski

Mozzarella Cheese Dream Sandwich

Mozzarella Cheese Dream Sandwich
The ultimate grilled cheese sandwich, according to author Francine Prose, includes Aleppo pepper, which adds a dimension of spiciness to balance the tangy sourdough bread and the creamy mozzarella. See the recipe for Mozzarella Cheese Dream Sandwich »Todd Coleman

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich
The secret to making a perfect grilled cheese sandwich is cooking it over low heat, which brings out the subtle flavors of a cheese—Comté, with its semifirm texture and nutty taste, is great for grilling—and slathering the bread with butter, which crisps it in the pan. Gee the recipe for The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich »Andre Baranowski

Turkish Grilled Cheese

This specialty of Çesme, a small beach town in Turkey, is one of the world's great grilled cheese sandwiches, in which the cheese itself is grilled before getting slipped into toasted bread with raw tomato and optional (but highly recommended) toppings of griddled sausage and pickled cucumbers and chiles. Get the recipe for Turkish Grilled Cheese »Matt Taylor-Gross