Hazelnut Recipes

There’s more to hazelnuts than Nutella

Hazelnut has a rich, nutty flavor that lends itself to sweet and savory dishes alike. They can be used whole or ground, or come in the form of everyone's favorite chocolate spread, Nutella. From salads and pastas to baked goods, we’ve rounded up our favorite hazelnut recipes.

In Minneapolis, which is emerging as one of America's best food cities, hazelnuts grow wild. Chef Jim Christiansen of Heyday restaurant uses them to add a nutty crunch to a beautiful fried egg dish served with chanterelles, green garlic, and blackberries.

We love putting hazelnuts in salads, where they add crunch and earthiness. Our roasted parsnip salad with blue cheese and a wheat beer vinaigrette gets texture from spicy hazelnuts and coarse pumpernickel crumbs. In our endive and Roquefort salad with smoked pepper jelly hazelnuts are included two ways: a sherry dressing is spiked with hazelnut oil and toasted, chopped hazelnuts are sprinkled atop the salad.

In recent years, Nutella has taken the world by storm. It's tempting to eat it straight from the jar, but if you want to be slightly more civilized spread it on ciabatta for a sweet breakfast treat. Cinnamon buns are a rich enough on their own, but chefs Max and Eli Sussman add nutella to take them to the next level.

Find all these dishes and more in our collection of hazelnut recipes.

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