Raspberry and Blackberry Recipes

When raspberries or blackberries are on our shopping list, we always pick up twice as much as we think we’ll need: a few pints for the recipe, and a few pints to nibble on while cooking. Sweet, bite-sized, and vibrantly colored, they’re one of midsummer’s most irresistible ingredients—and versatile, too, lending their rich fruity flavor to sorbets, jams, shortcakes, and tarts alike.

Raspberry Brûlée

This raspberry brûlée is a delightful combination of whipped cream and luscious ripe raspberries covered with a crunchy sugar topping.

Blackberry Pie

When Jon Rowley was a child, his grandmother used to make juice from fresh-picked blackberries. In it, he says, “you could taste and smell the briar.” In this recipe, Rowley’s wife, Kate McDermott, has combined that flavor from his youth with a tender, flaky pie crust to create an exemplar of the Pacific Northwest’s cuisine.

Raspberry Financiers

These mini financiers make perfect portable treats for summer get-togethers. They’re best eaten the day they’re made, but if you want to start them ahead of time, you can make the batter the day before, refrigerate it overnight, and bake them in the morning. Get the recipe for Raspberry Financiers »

Blackberry Cream Pie with Toasted Oat and Sesame Crumb Crust

Phoebe Lawless of Scratch Bakery in Durham, North Carolina makes cream pies all summer long that incorporate different fruits as they become available. This recipe works just as well with strawberries, peaches, cherries, or whatever is in peak season. It’s also a great way to use fruit that is just beyond its usability, whether bruised or overly ripe.

Raspberry Shortcakes

“The light, delicate fragility of this shortcake sets it apart from the dense and more traditional shortbread that figures large in Scottish cookery,” says chef Jeremy Lee. “It makes a mockery of the idea that Scottish cookery is heavy and stodgy.”

Raspberry Pinwheels

Raspberry Pinwheels

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry Ice Cream

Raspberry Trifle

This classic dessert is moistened with the sweetened, wine-spiked cream known as syllabub. See the recipe for Raspberry Trifle »

Blackberry and Apple Cake

Loaded with ripe fruit, this moist cake is a cross between two classic English desserts, sponge cake and summer pudding.

Swiss Raspberry Sandwich Cookies (Spitzbuebe)

These Swiss treats consist of two delicate, buttery cookies separated by a thin layer of delicious raspberry preserves.

Raspberry Trifle

This classic dessert is moistened with the sweetened, wine-spiked cream known as syllabub. See the recipe for Raspberry Trifle »

Raspberry Sorbet

Add whole raspberries to this sorbet at the last moment of churning to create a chunky texture.

Blackberry Slump

A cousin of the cobbler, this dessert is served at the Four Swallows restaurant on Bainbridge Island, Washington. Get the recipe for Blackberry Slump »

Tricolored Bavarian Cream

In this classic Swiss dessert, gelatin is used in a creamy custard that’s set between two layers of tart raspberry and strawberry cream.

Raspberries in Pink Champagne Gelée

These simple gelled fruit desserts made with rosé champagne are an elegant way to serve summer berries.

Bourbon Smash Jelly Shots

This jelly shot is a mix of fresh raspberries and mint with just a touch of bourbon.

Peach-Raspberry Trifle

Layers of coconut sponge cake, raspberries, tapioca, and bourbon-stewed peaches in easily portable mason jars make this trifle perfect for summer picnics. The compote and the cake can be made up to two days ahead; store them in airtight containers in the fridge. Get the recipe for Peach-Raspberry Trifle »

Sweet Corn and Black Raspberry Ice Cream

This recipe combines the silky flavor of corn with the tartness of black raspberries.

Raspberry-Rose Collins

The best and most surprising part of this tall, refreshing drink is the taste of rose on the finish. It comes not from any floral ingredient but from the gin—Nolet’s Silver, a brand with a pronounced rosy finish.
This summery pie can be made any time of year by substituting frozen, thawed raspberries and peaches for fresh fruit.
Blackberry Rum Shrub

Grilled Salmon with Blackberry Sauce

A rich, sweet-tart blackberry sauce adorns crispy skin-on salmon filets in this easy dish from Leah Koenig, who developed it for our One Ingredient, Many Ways series.

Brown Butter Tart with Blackberries

Brown Butter Tart with Blackberries