Rosemary Recipes

Aromatic rosemary is brings a fresh, earthy flavor a variety of dishes

Intensely aromatic rosemary brings a fresh, earthy touch to everything from braised, stewed, and grilled meats and fish to apple pie and pine nut brittle It also works as an unusual (and delicious) addition to cocktails. We've rounded up our favorite rosemary recipes.

Rosemary has a strong flavor that stands up well to hearty steaks. Our marinated flank steak gets extra flavor from a mixture of red wine, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, various spices, and fresh rosemary. To make our bistecca alla fiorentina, grilled porterhouse steaks are basted with olive oil, using rosemary sprigs as a brush.

If you would prefer seafood to red meat, try grilling salmon with a glaze of honey infused with rosemary and lemon. Or try shrimp with garlic, pancetta, tomato, white wine, and rosemary. You'll want lots of crusty bread to soak up the sauce.

Rosemary is delicious in desserts. Chopped rosemary gives a wonderful savory note to apple pie crust. For an impressive gift, try making our crunchy, salty, rosemary-scented pine nut brittle.

We love putting herbs in our cocktails, and rosemary is a great example. The Libertine is a whiskey drink flavored with orange juice and marmalade and maple syrup. A rosemary simple syrup adds a little complexity. A rosemary-clove simple syrup adds a woodsy note to our spiced pear collins.

Find all these recipes and more in our collection of great rosemary recipes.

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