Savory Tarts

Savory tarts are perfect for an elegant brunch or light dinner

Tarts—filled pastry crusts—are delicious desserts when filled with fruit. But savory tarts are great as well. From eggy quiches to oniony pissaladières, savory tarts are perfect for an elegant brunch, easy lunch, or light dinner. We’ve rounded up our favorite savory tart recipes.

One of the most classic savory tarts is quiche. This brunch staple of eggs, milk, and cream baked in a crust is endlessly versatile. Our recipe for an old-school quiche Lorraine features bacon and Gruyère with a hint of cayenne and chives for garnish. For the seafood lover we have a crab and shrimp quiche with cheddar, mozzarella, and Old Bay seasoning.

Whether lightly cooked to retain their bite or deeply caramelized, onions are a great topping for savory tarts. Pissaladières are caramelized onion tarts with olives and anchovies. We make them on little circles of puff pastry for an umami-rich hors d'oeuvre. Caramelized onions and anchovies also come together for a rich goat cheese-topped tart. Pizza-like tart flambée is an Alsatian dish made with crème fraîche, fromage blanc, onions, and bacon.

When ripe, flavorful tomatoes are in season during the summer, we like to use them in everything, including tarts. Our herbed tomato tart mixes juicy cherry tomatoes with anchovies and tops it with parsley, chives, oregano, and nutmeg. Our crisp, flaky tomato-cheddar tart is topped with cheddar and pecorino cheese, slices of tomato salted to drain out excess moisture, and chopped basil.

Find all of these dishes and more in our collection of savory tart recipes.

Mustard Tart
When served alongside a light salad, this savory tart, adapted from cookbook author Dorie Greenspan, is the perfect meal, any time of day. Get the recipe for Dorie Greenspan's Mustard Tart »Farideh Sadeghin
An extra-velvety quiche loaded with blue cheese for creaminess in a nutty spelt and whole wheat crust. Get the recipe for Perfect Blue Cheese Quiche With Whole Grain Crust »Matt Taylor-Gross
Arugula and Pistachio Pesto Quiche
A rich, bright pesto offsets peppery arugula in this creamy quiche. Get the recipe for Arugula and Pistachio Pesto Quiche »Yossy Arefi
Mallorcan Red Pepper Tart (Coca Mallorquina)
Marinated and roasted red peppers top a crunchy, olive oil-rich crust in this Mallorcan red pepper tart, also known coca mallorquina, from chef Fabio Trabocchi. Mallorcan Red Pepper Tart (Coca Mallorquina)Matt Taylor-Gross
The powerhouse trifecta of anchovies, olives, and caramelized onions flavors this signature Provençal dish. Get the recipe for PissaladièreThomas Payne
Piles of colorful carrot ribbons—which skew more savory than sweet, thanks to a lemony coriander-flecked dressing—come out of the oven glistening and retaining some of their bite. Get the recipe for Shaved Carrot Tart with Ricotta »Photograph by Beth Galton | Food Styling by Mariana Velasquez
Herbed Tomato Tart
Made with ripe cherry tomatoes and fragrant herbs, this tart is both delicious and beautiful. Herbed Tomato TartTodd Coleman
Quiche Lorraine
Eggy, cheesy quiche lorraine makes for a refined, delicious brunch. Quiche LorraineTodd Coleman
Crab and Shrimp Quiche
Sweet shrimp and crabmeat elevate cheese-filled quiche in this recipe from Long Island, New York's Modern Snack Bar. Crab and Shrimp QuicheLandon Nordeman
Date, Parsley, and Sumac Quiche with Crushed Almonds
Dates add a surprising sweetness to a creamy quiche sprinkled with crushed almonds. Date, Parsley, and Sumac Quiche with Crushed AlmondsYossy Arefi
Niçoise Salad Quiche
A nod to the composed salad of southern France, this elegant quiche combines green beans, olives, potatoes, tuna, and buttery, just-wilted lettuce. Niçoise Salad QuicheYossy Arefi
Epiran Feta Tart (Alevropita)
Made with a simple egg batter, this feta-studded tart hails from the region of Epirus in southeastern Europe. Get the recipe for Epiran Feta Tart (Alevropita) »Ingalls Photography
Alsatian Bacon and Onion Tart (Tarte Flambée)
Cooking on a very hot pizza stone gives this bacon and onion tart a shatteringly crispy crust. Get the recipe for Alsatian Bacon and Onion Tart (Tarte Flambée) »Todd Coleman
Creamy Mushroom and Mussel Tart
Mussels are blanketed under a thick cheese-and-cream mornay sauce in this savory tart recipe from Miquelon home cook Paulette Boissel. Creamy Mushroom and Mussel TartPenny De Los Santos
Tomato-Cheddar Tart
Salting and draining fresh tomatoes before baking ensures a crisp, flaky crust for this savory tart from the Dominican sisters of Heartland Farm in Pawnee Rock, Kansas. Get the recipe for Tomato-Cheddar Tart »James Roper
Onion Tart with Goat Cheese
This gorgeous tart has it all—sweetness from the caramelized onions, earthiness from the goat cheese, and a subtle saltiness from the anchovies. Get the recipe for Onion Tart with Goat Cheese »Helen Rosner
Swiss Onion Tart
This tart, which comes from baker Nick Malgieri, uses a salty, smoky ham known as speck, a traditional ingredient in this tart; bacon is a good substitute. Get the recipe for Swiss Onion Tart »Todd Coleman