50 Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Cocktail recipes to beat the heat all summer long

by0| PUBLISHED May 19, 2012 8:00 AM
50 Refreshing Summer Cocktails
Tequila and cardamom is an unexpected combination, but it works beautifully with the help of lime and grapefruit juice. Get the recipe for The Soul Train ». Matt Taylor-Gross

Come summertime, we trade in our dark, heavy drinks for light spirits, fresh fruit, and crushed ice. Warm-weather cocktails help us beat the heat, and add a welcome dose of color after many months of grey, thanks to fresh fruit—local and seasonal alike—and spirits that only feel appropriate when paired with special glassware and ample garnishes (we're looking at you, blue curaçao).

Just as some people prefer pool noodles and others would rather paddle around on an inflatable dolphin, there's a summer drink for everyone. If you're feeling whimsical: blend up a slushy margarita—made with frozen limeade and therefore perfect for a crowd—or a Pineapple Express, which pairs crushed pineapple with the kick of cinnamon syrup. If you're looking for something a little more classic (or looking to blend in on the croquet court), bring out the bottle of gin and turn it into a lavender fizz. Or lighten up a traditional julep with white rum.

Whichever way you stir it, summer is just the time to sip something cold and boozy, and forget about everything else. Just maybe don't jump back into the pool after your third Blue Hawaii.