Sweet Breakfast Recipes

Sometimes you need a little sugar to start your day

by0| PUBLISHED Jun 17, 2015 1:23 AM
Sweet Breakfast Recipes
Photography by Yossy Arefi

A healthy, nutritious breakfast is an important part of our daily routine. But let's be honest—sometimes you need a little sugar to start your day. From sugar-dusted donuts to fruit-filled pancakes and Nutella buns, these sweet breakfast treats make ideal accompaniments for a morning cup of coffee.

Donuts are awesome. What's not to love about a rich, moist circle of dough, deep fried to perfection? If you like cake donuts, try our blueberry donuts with a blueberry jam glaze or triple coconut donuts made with coconut extract and oil and covered with toasted coconut flakes. For the yeast donut lover, you can’t go wrong with the berliner, a classic strawberry jelly-filled donut.

Sweet buns are a hearty way to start you day. You can't beat a classic cinnamon roll with nuts, raisins, and cream cheese. If that's not rich enough for you, try adding Nutella. For something that's still rich but has a citrusy kick, our fragrant sweet orange buns are just the thing.

Crepes are a fun, elegant dish that can be customized however you'd like. For a fruity variation, try filling them with fromage blanc and maple syrup and topping them stewed blueberries, strawberries, and peaches. For something especially indulgent, roll crepes up with maple syrup and brown sugar.

As a kid you might have started your day with Pop-Tarts. We update the classic toaster pastry with tangy goat cheese and sweet strawberry jam.

Blur the line between breakfast and dessert with these sweet breakfast recipes.