“Draw us a recipe.” That’s the brief we sent to a slew of our favorite comic artists earlier this year; each week, we’re thrilled to present what they sent back. They’re fantastic, beautiful, hilarious, thoughtful, informative, and often all of the above — and they prove that a recipe doesn’t just have to be words on paper. Check out all the comics published so far in the archive »

This week’s comic is the second Recipe Comix foray of Carly Monardo (she’s previously expounded in this space on the joys and variations of hard-boiled eggs). Here, she recalls her grandma’s lasagna — a recipe that, thanks to its time-intensiveness, was made only on Christmas. In the spirit of giving, she’s sharing the recipe with all of us.

Christmas Lasagna comic strip
Christmas Lasagna Carly Monardo

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Carly Monardo is an illustrator/animator who loves to cook! She currently resides in Brooklyn with her husband, Christopher Hastings, and their ridiculous little dog, Commissioner James Gordon. Clients include: Cartoon Network; Harper Collins; The Topps Company, Inc.; CITV; The Topato Corporation. See more of her work at