Recipe Comix: Les Galettes Complètes

This week's comic comes from Chicago-based artist Sarah Becan, keeper of the thrice-weekly illustrated food journal I Think You're Sauceome (it rhymes with "awesome"). We love this vicarious, often hilarious look into her eating habits — in her Recipe Comic, Sarah takes us back to her study-abroad time in Brittany, where a certain savory crepe is the perfect meal on a rainy night.

comic strip about crepes
Les Galettes ComplètesSarah Becan

Sarah Becan is an illustrator, comics artist, author, and designer based in Chicago, Illinois, and the founder of Shortpants Press. She is a prolific minicomics artist, and recipient of the Xeric Grant for her 2010 graphic novel, _The Complete Ouija Interviews. She is currently working on the sixth issue of her Shuteye series, and a webcomic called I Think You're Sauceome._