Recipe Comix: Les Galettes Complètes

This week's comic comes from Chicago-based artist Sarah Becan, keeper of the thrice-weekly illustrated food journal I Think You're Sauceome (it rhymes with "awesome"). We love this vicarious, often hilarious look into her eating habits — in her Recipe Comic, Sarah takes us back to her study-abroad time in Brittany, where a certain savory crepe is the perfect meal on a rainy night.

Les Galettes Complètes

Sarah Becan is an illustrator, comics artist, author, and designer based in Chicago, Illinois, and the founder of Shortpants Press. She is a prolific minicomics artist, and recipient of the Xeric Grant for her 2010 graphic novel, _The Complete Ouija Interviews. She is currently working on the sixth issue of her Shuteye series, and a webcomic called I Think You're Sauceome._

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