2013 SAVEUR Video Festival – The Categories

2013 SAVEUR Video Festival – The Categories


Learn more about what we're looking for in each of the five categories.


Zippy. Zany. Quick. Whether it's an insanely speedy kitchen hacks executed in seconds, a snapshot of a moment in a kitchen, or an experimental take on an otherwise traditional food video, it's designed for the short-attention-span food lover. Videos must be under one minute.


Teaching someone to cook is one of the most universal modes of communication, and online video has made the genre much more accessible and has proven that there are dozens of ways to film a how-to and recipe video. We're looking for the most beautiful, creative, and exciting ways to learn a technique, a recipe, or how to work with an ingredient. Videos must be under 10 minutes, and should have a clear instructional focus.


There's more to the art of reporting than just the written word: Documentary videos capture stories both intimate and grand, with a focus on honest objectivity without sacrificing story or narrative arc. We're looking for both traditional and inventive documentary work that gives viewers an in-depth look—or a quick snapshot—of a story they may not otherwise have known. Videos must be under 10 minutes.


We love linear stories and live shoots, but some stories are best told through other media: Animation, stop-motion, or experimental forms allow for a degree of visual freedom that can be exhilarating. We're on the lookout for clever, interesting, and alternative takes on food video in this category. Did you make your video with claymation or Final Effects? Does it involve hand-drawn elements? Does it turn the traditional visual language of video on its head? Videos must be under 10 minutes.


Online video is extraordinary in its ability to transport us beyond our desks and out from behind our smartphones. Filmmakers are traveling the globe to share stories from countries, cities, regions, and towns—whether far-flung or close to home. And by documenting their travels, they bring us with them on their journeys. We're looking for videos that tell stories about travel and food, that inspire us to plan our next trip, that transport us somewhere entirely new. Videos must be under 10 minutes, and tell a story incorporating both food and place.

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