These misunderstood fuzz-free peaches are not, in fact, the product of a cross with other stone fruits but a species unto themselves, and a delicious one at that. They come in two principle shades, each to be eaten during its own peak months: while red nectarines, which have red flesh surrounding a red stone, tend to be larger and are available from May through mid-July, yellow nectarines, which have yellow flesh around a pink center near the stone, are available from mid-August through September. Nectarines are perfect eaten on their own or sliced over morning cereal. Finely diced, they make a sweet addition to homemade salsa. For dessert, we like to bake them in crisps and galettes, perhaps combined with raspberries.

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  • When selecting a yellow nectarine, look for a fruit with taut, moist skin. Wrinkly skin is a sign of mealy, bruised flesh.
  • To refrigerate any sort of nectarine for too long is to risk sacrificing its juiciness and flavor. Try to eat nectarines as close as possible to the date of purchase.

Where to Buy

Nectarines are easy to locate at the supermarket or at your local farmers' market during their season.

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