Available year-round, spinach thrives in temperate regions from April through the summer months. There are three types of spinach: Savoy (crunchy and crinkly), semi-Savoy (slightly less crinkly and crunchy), and flat-leaf (smooth and tender). The flat-leaf type, grown in California and the most popular spinach on the West Coast, is sold in bundles, while the two Savoys tend to be sold loose and by the pound. Search for dark green leaves with firm stalks, and avoid any yellowish-brown, limp leaves. All three types of spinach are packed with fiber and nutrients such as beta-carotene, protein, and vitamins B, C, and E.

Quite the versatile green, spinach can be eaten raw or cooked in numerous ways—sauteed, stir-fried, steamed, and baked. Spinach features in many dishes, including creamy dips, risottos, pastas, soups, sauces, and salads.

Featured Spinach Recipes


  • Store spinach in the vegetable crisper, wrapped in plastic, for up to three days.
  • When ready to cook, wash thoroughly in cold water and cut away any rigid stalks.
  • If not using immediately, avoid washing spinach, as it is delicate and wilts easily with excessive handling.

Where to Buy

Spinach is available at farmers' markets throughout the country in spring and summer and at supermarkets year-round.

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