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5/2/2011: Links We Love

What we’re reading, cooking, and clicking now.

• Melissa Hamilton and Christopher Hirsheimer, former SAVEUR editors who now write and produce the Canal House cookbook series, wax poetic for escarole, Staffordshire platters, crab cakes, an vermouth-and-gin-braised sauerkraut, among other kitchen favorites. WSJ

• Penguin UK's Great Food books aren't just a set of lovely covers. They're also pointed object lessons in how powerful truly good food writing can be, and "eloquent reminders that food writing is not just about food." UK Guardian

• Pictured: If you've invented a robot that can print on eggs, the obvious next step is an egg with an omelet recipe printed on its shell. Boing Boing

• Now's the time to cook with fiddlehead ferns! Try them blanched in a salad with sweet pomelo and balsamic vinaigrette. Roost

• The Ron Swanson Turkey Burger — a deep-fried turkey leg encased in ground beef and served on a bun, as eloquently outlined by its namesake Parks & Recreation character — does, indeed, exist in reality. Eater

• Fresh ripe strawberries dipped in creamy coconut syrup would be a perfect little treat to make for Mother's Day. Have Cake Will Travel

• New York City's Big Gay Ice Cream Truck — arguably the town's most fun food truck, and inventors of the salted dulce de leche concoction known as a "Salty Pimp" — have landed a cookbook deal. Serious Eats

• Publish a cookbook, and it'll wind up with errors in it. Publish the world's biggest cookbook, and you'll have a lot of errors — as Modernist Cuisine's Nathan Myhrvold is discovering. We assume there's a volume of errata and addenda in the works. The Gurgling Cod

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