The SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about the second annual SAVEUR Best Food Blog Awards? Here are some answers to the most frequently asked. If your question isn’t answered here, leave it in the comments (below) or Tweet it to @SaveurMag. We’ll check both spaces regularly and update the FAQ accordingly.

What sites are eligible for the Saveur Best Food Blog Awards?
Any website that's a chronological collection of stories, images, videos, or recipes can qualify for this award. For general categories (Best Baking Blog, Best Dining/Restaurant Coverage, etc.), the site must have produced new content between January 1, 2010 and April 5, 2011. For specific categories (Best Savory Recipe, Culinary Essay, Best Photo, etc.), the piece nominated content must have been published between January 1, 2010, and April 5, 2011.

What's the difference between nominating a site and voting for a site?
The SBFBAs are constructed in two parts: a nomination phase that runs from April 6 through April 22, and a voting round that begins April 26. During the nomination phase, we're just looking for websites that you think are great. When voting opens, anyone may vote for their favorite from the finalists in each category; the site with the most votes in each category will be the winner.

Does it make a difference if my site has lots of nominations?
No, it does not. The nomination phase of the awards is simply to introduce to editors blogs and sites with which they might not already be familiar. We'll look at a blog whether it's nominated once or nominated fifty times.

Can I nominate myself?

Can a blog be nominated in more than one category?
Yes! In fact, we encourage it — especially if you think the site has is a contender in both a general category (Best Baking Blog, Best Cocktail Blog, etc.) and a specific category (Best Dessert Recipe, Best Photo, Culinary Essay, etc.).

Can a blog only become a finalist for a category in which it was nominated?
Nope — SAVEUR editors will be looking through every blog that's submitted, and if, for example, we find an outstanding photograph or a terrific video piece on a blog that was nominated in, say, a Baking category, we'll recategorize it for the final round.

What does each category mean?
You can see an explanation of each category here.

What if my site doesn't fit in any category?
We designed these categories to be very inclusive of a variety of formats, styles, and approaches to food and dining. If your site as a whole isn't specifically about cooking, baking, dining, or drinking, see if one of the individual posts, photos, or videos can qualify for a more specific category.

How are the finalists selected?
After the nomination period closes on April 22, SAVEUR editors will go through all the nominated sites and select their favorites in each category. Up to six blogs can be finalists in each category. We'll announce the finalists on April 26, at which point voting will open.

When can I vote for the finalists?
Voting will be open from April 26 through May 12. We'll reveal the winners on May 17.

Can finalists and winners from previous years become finalists and winners again?
Yes they can. We're hoping to uncover new talent through the nomination process so there can be fresh faces among the finalists — but once we reach the finalist stage, the winners are up to you and your votes.

My site is a finalist. Does it make a difference if I get lots of votes?
Yes! The site with the most votes in each category will be that category's winner. This is where it's time to rally the troops: get your friends, family, fans, and readers to come vote for you!

If your question isn't answered here, leave it in the comments (below) or Tweet it to @SaveurMag. We'll check both spaces regularly and update the FAQ accordingly.

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