The Portland food scene is saturated with fresh ideas, and Salt & Straw is no exception to the trend. Arbequina olive oil and cinnamon snicker doodle are just a few of the flavors that regularly tempt shopgoers, while a collaboration with Aviary's chefs produces limited edition gems like toasted coconut ice cream with cracked sesame toffee and boysenberry ginger jam. Salt & Straw
Multiple Locations
2035 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR 97211
. Salt & Straw

An afternoon visit to the local ice cream shop is a pleasure hard to beat. But the old struggle to choose between chocolate and vanilla is a thing of the past: a renaissance in wild ice cream flavor innovation means we’ve got to pick among options like red velvet cupcake, honey lavender, Bangkok peanut, and plum sake sorbet (not to mention the occasional scoop of crawfish or wasabi). These 16 American ice cream shops are worth seeking out for their amazing flavors, delectable toppings, and innovative approach to our favorite summer treat.

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