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Guiltless Luxury: Sustainable Meats

From veal to rabbit to an extraordinary foie gras, we’ve found five sources for humanely raised high-end meats.

By Felicia Campbell

Published on March 16, 2012

  • Ayrshire Farm Rose Veal (540/592-7018; Certified humane Rose Veal—sold ground or in shanks, roasts, or chops—is named for the delicately flavored, pink-tinted flesh of calves that are bottle-fed and then pastured on this organic farm in Upperville, Virginia.

  • Full Circle Bison Ranch (541/846-1351; Full Circle bison spend their lives ranging and grazing on an organic ranch in Oregon's Williams Valley; the result is lean, juicy steaks, ribs, and roasts with a bold, herbaceous flavor.

  • Lone Mountain Wagyu (866/567-9543; Unlike in Japan, where Wagyu cattle are raised in tight pens, these sumptuously marbled, meltingly tender cuts come from cattle that are pasture-raised by ranchers in Golden, New Mexico, who use alternative energy and protect ecosystem diversity.

  • Rare Hare Barn Heritage Rabbit (316/259-4262; A natural diet and humane care coax tender meat with a subtle gamey flavor from rabbits like the American Silver Fox at a Leon, Kansas, farm dedicated to conserving and preserving heritage breeds.

  • Schiltz Late Harvest Goose Liver #1 (877/872-4458; The folks at this farm in Sisseton, South Dakota, never force-feed their free-range geese. Instead, the birds naturally plump up for cold weather, producing a creamy, luscious liver that's nearly identical to foie gras but is harvested humanely.

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