Italian Grilled Steak

By Giuliano and Lael Hazan

Published on March 18, 2019

Steak in Italy is prepared very simply and it's always served rare. Tuscany is noted for its flavorful bistecca alla Fiorentina, from the famous white Chianina cow. Chianina is one of the oldest breeds of cattle in the world; its history can be traced back to the days of the Roman Empire. A Fiorentina is a T-bone that's best shared by two or three people. The steak is simply seasoned with salt and pepper before it's placed on a grill. When ready, it's sliced and drizzled with olive oil. The steak is fabulous as is, and little embellishment is needed.

In other regions of Italy, steak—often a wonderfully hearty, thick piece of meat, usually a rib eye—is grilled, then sliced and brought to the cook-top to be gently tossed with extra-virgin olive oil, rosemary, or parsley and garlic. Slicing, from which Tagliata derives its name, gives the steak more surface area that can be infused with the fragrant herb and garlic.

In our house, _ Tagliata_ is the perfect centerpiece for a summer cookout. Since the steak is sliced, one can easily serve more people without breaking the bank. It's a full-flavored dish that's sure to please all of your omnivorous guests.

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