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• Who said that playing with your food was a bad thing? An epic, Wild West-style shoot-out between a green bean and a corn cob makes for riveting theater. Gilt Taste

• Food commercials inspired by music videos or music videos inspired by food commercials? Whichever it is, it involves David Bowie and Tina Turner prancing around for Pepsi, so it's totally awesome. [River Front Times via Food is the New Rock]

• We're all becoming our mothers: turns out we may owe more to genetics than we thought when it comes to our taste preferences. NPR

• There's nothing worse than getting past the butter-soaked top layer of popcorn in the middle of a movie, only to be left with dry, cardboard-like butter-free puffs. Fret no more! A MacGyver move with a drinking straw solves all your problems. Chicago Gluttons

• Sweet pickles are one of the great polarizing foods of our time. But bread-and-butter zucchini? That's a different story. Lottie & Doof

• A Bloody Mary-inspired gazpacho is perfection for chilling out in the hottest, laziest days of summer. Foodie Crush


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