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• Pancake rap has never been batter better.* YouTube

• We're all about DIY gifts for the holidays, and we love the idea of homemade gin. Yum Sugar

• You are what you eat. Even more so if you happen to be photographed with a fish that resembles you. Laughing Squid

• Poaching eggs can be intimidating, but with fresh eggs and some helpful tips, success isn't so elusive. NPR

• Eggnog's Puerto Rican counterpart, Coquito, is a spiced concoction that uses coconut milk along with evaporated milk. Serious Eats

• Extremely expensive champagne may not be all that worth it, budget-wise. (Though that doesn't mean we'll turn down a glass of the good stuff.) Gilt Taste

• A simple, light cauliflower soup is a refreshing change from fall's typically heavy foods. Food52

• Red cabbage tossed with fresh cranberry vinaigrette makes for a refreshing slaw that's fit for the festive nights of early winter. The Galley Gourmet

Photo: Steampunk Gingerbread by Bryan Ochalla via Flickr

*Caution: Lyrics definitely NSFW

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