Robb Family Farm Sugarhouse
Vermont Fancy Grade The Robb Family Farm near Brattleboro, Vermont is a fifth-generation dairy farm. But for a few weeks each spring, when the snow begins to melt and sugaring season starts, they switch into full force maple mode. We loved their Vermont Fancy syrup, which was toasty with notes of milky coffee, and would add depth to butter cream frosting and a kick of sweetness to fresh or broiled grapefruit. Back to Maple Syrup: Tasting Notes ». Maxime Iattoni

As author Sasha Chapman writes in her story The Sweet Life (Issue #136), Quebec takes its maple syrup seriously – and for good reason. The Canadian province produces nearly 80% of the syrup that ends up on our morning pancakes. Still, Quebec is not the only land of the sweet stuff. The eastern half of Canada and a large swath of northern and eastern America are also home to time-honored sugaring traditions, and family maple farms producing countless gallons of deliciousness. From Vermont to Michigan, Nova Scotia to New Brunswick, here are a few of our favorite maple syrups.