Marshmallow Madness

By Rebekah Peppler

Published on September 25, 2009

A few posts back I wrote about Rice Krispies treats and got to thinking about homemade marshmallows. Last winter, I tried my hand at the fluffy, meringue-based sweet and fell deeply in love, stirring them into hot chocolate, making impromptu s'mores, and eating them directly out of the container. Alas, while they're simple to make, I continue to find sticky remnants of my marshmallow-making in select spots around the kitchen. Luckily, Whimsy and Spice, one of my favorite confectioners in Brooklyn, has perfected the handmade marshmallow for me, thus keeping my kitchen clean (for now). The flavors are unique but no less tasty, including cardamom, lemongrass, and decadent Valrhona chocolate. Their newest concoction, crafted with pure Grade B maple syrup, is the perfect way to usher in those cool fall breezes—perhaps stirred into a batch of back-to-school Rice Krispies.

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