Menu: An All-Sandwich Dinner Party

Although this menu consists only of sandwiches, it's a far cry from simple, and is a worthy feast for any occasion. So go ahead and have fun composing a meal between slices of bread! Eat with your hands, get sauce on your face! Try pairing each sandwich with a different beer with our guide to sandwich suds or a gourmet soda, or mix up a batch of our favorite sweet iced tea.

Start the meal with cold sandwiches for nibbling: a straightforward bacon and bread sandwich, or a more complex pork sandwich made with homemade roast pork and a bright tuna mayonnaise. (Don't forget the potato chips on the side.) For the hot main course, try crab cake sandwiches with aioli and romesco. The vegetarian-friendly stir-fried vegetable and cheese sandwich, which packs a punch with ginger and a sauce made with ground fresh rocoto, a spicy South American chile. And for dessert, pure and simple, nutella spread on ciabatta.