The SAVEUR 100: Store-Bought Products


Grant Achatz, Alinea, Chicago "BLiS's maple syrup and sherry vinegars are aged in bourbon barrels from Heaven Hill Distilleries in Kentucky, and their complex flavors are unrivaled." Read the complete SAVEUR 100 story » See the complete list of SAVEUR 100 items »Michael Kraus

The SAVEUR 100: Chefs' Edition is chock-full of content from professional cooks, with stories of childhood, travel, and their culinary inspirations — but sixteen of the hundred are straightforward products, condiments and ingredients that our contributors can pull off the shelf (or out of the freezer or walk-in) and instantly elevate any experience. Some items — Craig Koketsu's Cheetos, John Sundstrom's Ovaltine — are available practically everywhere; others, like Red Poll beef or fish from Spain's Veta la Palma fish farm, might take a little more legwork. But you can bring them all home.