The Mill’s Tale

In the SAVEUR kitchen, appliances are essential tools of our trade. With the amount of cooking we do, our food processor, blender, mixer, and chopper—just to name a few—are put to good use. But some recipes call for simpler devices.

One of our favorites is a food mill. Inexpensive and widely available, this handy item allows you to perfectly puree a quart (or more, depending on the mill) of fruits or vegetables with the whirl of a handle, and the mesh grinder acts a sieve, straining out seeds and skins for a sauce with little or no texture. You can find them in plastic or stainless steel, depending on your preference, and we recommend choosing one that has interchangeable discs (fine, medium, and coarse) and is dishwasher safe—so that when you're ready to clean up, the whole thing can go in that other indispensable appliance, the dishwasher.

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