Sage-Brined Roast Turkey with Oyster Dressing
This sage-infused roast turkey is stuffed with a bacon-enriched dressing brimming with wild rice, hazelnuts, and oysters. Get the recipe for Sage-Brined Roast Turkey with Oyster Dressing ». Todd Coleman

With Thanksgiving Eve upon us, it’s time for the serious work of feast-preparation to begin. Whether you’re making a textbook-traditional meal of roasted whole turkey and stuffing with mashed potatoes and green beans almondine, or you’re branching out into the unexpected with a globe-trotting menu of turkey in mole poblano paired with patatas bravas, and soy sauce-glazed scallions and carrots and an aperitif of gourmet jell-o shots, we’ve got every recipe you’ll need to make the food at tomorrow’s dinner just as memorable as the company.

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