Your Astrological Colander

By Bob Sloan and Steven Guarnaccia

Published on July 17, 2007

SPATULA--You have a natural curiosity and desire to see the other side of things. You never take things as they are, but look to discover what's underneath. You are strong and flexible, and rarely flip out during difficult times.

SAUCE PAN—You're cooking on all burners. The Cabinets are perfectly aligned for you to meet a Ladle this month, who will want to stir things up. Try not to put a lid on the relationship.

WHISK—Being an Air sign, you are bubbly and frothy by nature, and will lighten the lives of those around you, even when it seems like you're just going around and around.

STRAINER—You're always defining yourself by the impressions someone else leaves on you. You get enmeshed in their problems. This month, your Drawer is in order for a close encounter of the Stock Pot kind.

MIXING BOWL—Everyone wants to come together at your place for a big gathering. But later, when everyone else has moved on to the next step of their lives, you remain behind with the leftovers.

MEASURING CUP—Your desire to quantify everything in your life and your obsession with precision can work against you. Remember that sometimes it's okay if your cup runneth over.

STOCK POT—A Water sign. You have patience and a low, even temper which allows you to find the goodness in others and slowly draw it out. A match with a Strainer will bring out qualities lying deep below your surface.

KNIFE—Your steely sense of irony and penchant for the cutting remark make others feel small. Though you're hard working and industrious, your dicey sense of humor may need to be honed.

ROLLING PIN—Your tendency is to roll along through life, smoothing over the rough spots. Let sticky situations get the best of you, and you'll wind up feeling a little bit crusty.

CUTTING BOARD—You tend to lie around letting everyone use you. As a result, you end up in co-dependent relationships with Knives or Rolling Pins, letting them mince or roll over you. But you're not chopped liver!

LADLE—There are those in life who were meant to serve, and once you get a handle on this and accept it, you'll be a lot happier. Try to find a match with a Water sign with a capacity for giving.

CORKSCREW—You're not very versatile, but you can do one thing, uncorking good cheer, very well. Expect a meeting with a dark, long-necked stranger.

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