Pomegranate Meringue Rose Tart
This Middle-Eastern-influenced tart heaps white chocolate-orange ganache accented with rose water into a pistachio shortbread crust. Pomegranate meringue shaped to form rose petals makes for a show-stopping finish. Maxime Iattoni

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  1. Traditional preserved lemons, called hamad mraquade in Moroccan, have a mellow, edible rind—but take a month to pickle. To get a similar flavor in only a week, check out our recipe for preserved lemons. For more tricks to help you in the preparation of these dishes, see our article Moroccan techniques.

  2. The small amount of cornstarch in the pie’s topping will help stabilize the meringue and keep it from weeping. See more meringue tips »

  3. If you like spice, you may want to prepare a batch of harissa, the North African chile paste, to have on the table as a condiment. See our recipe for harissa or, if you’re short on time, many grocery stores sell jarred varieties (our favorite brand incorporates preserved lemons).

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