Choose from a rainbow palette of colors and give your mother a playful version of the old fashioned tart server. See the full review » Acrylic Tart Server, $20 at

When I came upon these vibrant acrylic tart servers while idly browsing online recently, I had to step away from my computer in order to avoid immediately purchasing them in every single color. The minimalist, contemporary palette transforms a baroque silhouette into something playful and thoroughly modern—a conceptual twist that I love. But the temptation isn’t strictly visual: Each color actually makes me hungry to bake (and eat!) a different type of tart, pie, or quiche. Servingware is an unexpected source of cooking inspiration for me, but at $18 a pop, it’s one in which I can afford to indulge—in at least one color, maybe two.

Acrylic Tart Server, $18 at Leif Shop