When it comes to cabinet and drawer space, my kitchen is woefully lacking, so anything collapsable or multipurpose acquires an unusually high premium. At least that’s the excuse I gave myself when I replaced my perfectly serviceable whisk with Ding3000’s new Beater Whisk. Does a collapsable whisk really save that much space? For some, perhaps. Frankly, I don’t really care, considering that it looks snazzy, comes in eight glorious colors, and seems like it belongs in a spy kit. With a design inspired by a pack of straws, the engineering is elegant in its simplicity — a sliding ring opens and closes the whisk, pushing out a plastic hook for easy hanging when it’s collapsed. With such a promising balance of design and utility, the best part is that this clever whisk actually does the job remarkably well.

Beater Whisk, $18 at Gretel Home