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Daniel Bellow Porcelain

By Betsy Andrews

Published on December 13, 2012

The kitchen in my 114-year-old house in Brooklyn is big, warm, and folk-Victorian, with a door leading out to the garden and me perpetually at the stove. People tend to congregate there. So I like to make sure that my kitchenwares aren't just functional but are also nice to look at; I want my friends and family to be pleased by the tastes, smells, and the sights in my favorite room. This year, I'm adding some beautiful new pottery created by my pal Daniel Bellow. (Creativity runs in Dan's family; you may have heard of his father, Saul?) His newest pieces—a butter dish, a juicer, and kitchen utensil jar—are all handmade from clay porcelain fired in the kiln at Bellow's studio, an old carriage house in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. The ample utensil jar and the bowl-shaped citrus juicer are thrown pieces fashioned on the potter's wheel. The lipped butter dish and its pagoda-esque lid are shaped in a mold created by Bellow. All three are dishwasher and microwave safe. Glazed in elegant white, deep plum, a Fiestaware-style cerulean blue, and a patina-like smoky white, the pieces are both practical and exceedingly handsome, in a broad-shouldered way that brings visual heft to my dark wood countertop.

Stonybrook Butter Dish, $32; Stonybrook Juicer, $48; Stonybrook Utensil Jar, $68 at Anthropologie

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