Ceramic Baking Dish

By Phillip Basone

Published on September 27, 2012

I've never been an advocate for non-stick cookware: I much prefer the old school method of greasing a pan or, if need be, putting a little elbow grease into washing my dishes. Happily, I came across this 100% ceramic baking dish from Xtrema, and nothing—from bubbling lasagna to the gooiest mac n' cheese—sticks. The black ceramic provides a sleek aesthetic but more importantly, optimum heat distribution and retention, eliminating hot spots and allowing for oven-to-table serving. Without any harmful PFOA coating, the dish is environmentally friendly and non-hazardous, and there's no need to buy special utensils or worry about scratching the surface. And not that any recipe will call for a 2,500 F° oven, but I'm happy to know that if it did, this ceramic dish wouldn't chip, even at such extreme heat.

Ceramic Baking Dish, $109. 99 at

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