Trenette col Pesto Genovese (Linguine with Pesto)

Linguine with Pesto

Italy's north-western region Liguria is famous for its pasta with pesto. This recipe stays true to the traditional Ligurian way of making pesto by thickening the pesto's consistency with the addition of boiled potatoes and green beans. See the recipe for Linguine with Pesto »Christopher Hirsheimer

Trenette, so-called because they're thought to resemble train tracks, are a Ligurian version of linguine. (NOTE: Don't substitute pecorino romano for pecorino sardo.)

VARIATION: To use a food processor, place pine nuts, garlic, and salt in the processor bowl and blend to a paste. Add basil, drizzle in oil, and process until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and stir in grated cheese by hand.