Marina Ekroos’s Amazing All-in-One Recipe Photography

byHelen Rosner| PUBLISHED Oct 20, 2010 8:00 AM
Marina Ekroos’s Amazing All-in-One Recipe Photography
Marina Ekroos

Helsinki-based photographer Marina Ekroos takes pictures of what she cooks ... all at once. The photos in her "Visual Recipe" series include every single step in the prep of treats like cinnamon rolls, ciocchetti pasta, fresh ricotta cheese — and our favorite, the hamburger with olive tapenade and pesto, shown here — in a single frame. (There's a certain appealing similarity between Marina's photos and the geometric ingredient images that fellow Scandinavian photographer Carl Kleiner shot for Ikea's baking book, Hembakat ar Bast.)

Check out more of Marina's time-transcending recipe photographs in our gallery; see the full collection at her website: (The food images begin with the sixth picture.)