Melon au Porto

  • Serves

    serves 2


The simple pairing of cantaloupe and port could be found on the menu of any classic mid-century French restaurant. The traditional melon to use is the French Charentais, which is small and slightly acidic (though still sweet), but it's just as good with a musk or hand melon or cantaloupe. This recipe was shared with us by Stacey Harwood in her article Late Summer Fruits With Wines and Spirits.


  • 1 small melon such as cantaloupe
  • Tawny port


Step 1

Cut the melon in half and scoop out the seeds and fibers from the middle. Trim a thin slice off the round end so the melon will sit securely in a bowl or on a plate. Fill the cavity with port and serve. When a half melon is too large for an individual serving, pour port over a coupe filled with melon balls.

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