Zucchini and Pasta Sandwich

See the RecipeWilliam Hereford

This sandwich, developed by Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli of Frankies Spuntino in Brooklyn, is a triumph of leftovers: a simple zuke sautee meets linguine cacio e pepe on a tender slab of pizza bianca. (The Franks use bread from New York's Grandaisy Bakery; a similar recipe is here.) The creation of this sandwich was profiled in our video Sandwich Stories: The Franks' Zucchini and Pasta Sandwich.

Note: Both the zucchini and the pasta can be made ahead of time and refrigerated. Whether they start out hot or cold, Frank F. suggests letting the ingredients come to room temperature before building the sandwich; Frank C. says he prefers it either fridge-cold or hot from the stove. Either way, you can't really go wrong.