Amsterdam Travel Sketchbook

Artist Lucy Knisley explores Amsterdam by bike in this illustrated travelogue

This week's installment of Recipe Comix is really more of an episode of Travel Comix, as cartoonist Lucy Knisley (previously in this space paying tribute to the delicious pairing of donuts and coffee) shares part of the story of a recent trip she took to Amsterdam. While there, she spent a majority of her time on two wheels exploring the city's stunning art scene and shops—including one that specializes in toothbrushes—and indulging in plenty of amazing local eats, from falafel to stroopwafel to potato sorbet.

Lucy Knisley is a New York-based illustrator, comic artist, author, and occasional puppeteer and food and travel writer. She is the author of the drawn journal French Milk; you can learn more about her at

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