Russian Hospitality

By Julie Wilson

Published on July 20, 2007

As Jim Oseland points out in the September 2007 issue of SAVEUR (First, "In Praise of Mr. Chicken"), even some of the most delicious recipes gathered while working on a story don't make it into the magazine.

Such is the case with three recipes from our feature on the Russian port city of Vladivostok, "Land of Plenty" (#104, September 2007). As author Sharon Hudgins discovered, in Russian homes hospitality is measured by how little tablecloth is showing—the more dishes served, the better. We thought it only proper to follow this philosophy and offer these web-exclusive dishes as well as all of the new recipes from our latest issue:
The Captain's Chicken
**• **Chicken-and-Vegetable Borscht
**• **Tom's Vladivostok Potato Salad

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