Beer Pairings: 10 Recipes to Pair with Stouts

Deep, rich recipes to go with a deep, rich beer

Rossini Burger

This over-the-top burger, adorned with truffles and foie gras and drenched in demi-glace, deserves a dry stout with a hefty, silky body but a crisp finish. See the recipe for Rossini Burger » Back to 10 Recipes to Pair with Stouts »André Baranowski

In the world of beer, stouts are black, strong and malty, the kind of draught that is poured with a creamy, espresso-hued head. In general, they are smooth, creamy beers that are largely defined by flavors of warm roasty grains; they come in various degrees of sweetness and hoppy bitterness. The most internationally ubiquitous stout, Guinness, is a lighter-bodied version of the style. Some stouts are brewed with chocolate or coffee, a flavor that's worth referencing in a proper food pairing.