American Whiskey

American whiskey

In SAVEUR Issue #141, Rebecca Barry revels in the current state of American Whiskey. Whether your taste runs to ryes, bourbons, moonshines, single malts, or blendeds, there might never have been a moment greater than this one for the spirit. As Barry writes in Whiskey Rebellion, "Take 300 years of U.S. whiskey-making history and add the creativity of new, small distillers. Mix in the locavore movement, which has instigated a return to traditional technologies and recipes and a desire to create spirits with a regional character; garnish with a revival of specialty cocktails, and cheers: American whiskey has never tasted so good."

Whiskey Rebellion by Rebecca Barry »
An American spirit boldly comes of age

Born in the Barrel by Beth Kracklauer »
A barrel's char, construction, wood, and age are all pertinent factors which influence the properties of whiskey

Web exclusive: White Lightning by Helen Rosner »
Moonshine's place in the whiskey landscape is a matter of history and philosophy

Web exclusive: Whiskey Travel Destinations by Fred Minnick »
History shows itself at four distilleries offering behind-the-scenes tours

Gallery: American Whiskey Tasting Notes »
Bourbon, rye, wheat-based, malted barley, and corn whiskeys are put to the test

Gallery: American Whiskey Cocktails »
Top American bartenders share their favorite whiskey cocktail recipes

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