Beer Pairings: 10 Recipes to Pair with Lambics

By Lucy Burningham

Published on July 22, 2011

Lambic, a Belgian style of beer famous for its natural fermentation, come in many varieties. In the straight-up version, Lambic ales are tart, puckery and complex, dry palate cleansers that can have flavors and aromas of barnyard funk, wheat, citrus and apples. The more common version to find the United States is a fruit lambic, where the beer is blended with fresh fruit or syrup. These are dominated by the flavor of the fruit added — often cherry, raspberry, muscat grapes, apples, or peaches — but because the base beer is so dry and sour, that doesn't mean they have too much sweetness; fruit lambics are still very dry and highly carbonated. They pair best with foods that bring out their fruit flavors, while the un-fruited lambics bring their acidity into play against rich, creamy foods.

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