This gem of a recipe is adapted from Cherry Home Companion (Arbutus Press, 2002) by Patty LaNoue Stearns. It takes six weeks for results, but is well worth the effort. And don’t throw out those cherry pits—wrap them in cheesecloth and let them macerate with the fruit to deepen the flavor.


Brandied Cherries Brandied Cherries
Not only wonderful to sip, this "cocktail" is delicious poured over vanilla ice cream or pound cake.
Yield: makes About 2 Quarts
Time: 6 weeks, 20 minutes


  • 2 cups sugar
  • 4 cups Cognac or other unflavored brandy
  • 2 lb. fresh sweet cherries, stemmed and pitted, pits reserved


  1. In a 3-quart glass jar with a tight-fitting lid, add the sugar and Cognac; stir to dissolve. Add the cherries. Tie the pits in a small cheesecloth sachet and add them to the jar as well. Cover the jar and allow cherries to macerate in the refrigerator for 6 weeks, shaking occasionally. To serve, pour some of the brandy into a small glass and add a few cherries. Cherries can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 1 year.