Friday Cocktails: Celery Tonic

byLaura Sant| PUBLISHED Aug 2, 2013 11:30 PM
Friday Cocktails: Celery Tonic
This vibrantly-hued cocktail comes to us from Northern Spy Food Co. in Manhattan—fresh celery juice adds an earthy, bright flavor to Cocchi Americano and dry vermouth. Get the recipe for Celery Tonic ». Laura Sant

I have a particular affinity for cocktails made with vegetable juice. The bloody Mary has always been my go-to brunch order, and when I received a gift of one of those heavy-duty juicers designed for fibrous, leafy greens, my first thought was what a great addition it would make to my home bar. I find that the earthy, bright flavors and slight salinity you get from fresh vegetable juices are wonderful with all sorts of spirits, from neutral vodka to fortified wine.

So when I stopped by Northern Spy Food Co. in Manhattan recently for a drink, I didn't have to think twice about my order: I immediately went for the Celery Tonic, a stunningly bright green concoction of fresh celery juice, dry vermouth, Cocchi Americano (a tart, minerally fortified wine), lemon juice, and soda. Because Cocchi Americano and vermouth take the place of a stronger spirit (lacking a full liquor license, Northern Spy has a cocktail menu that's exclusively wine-, beer-, and apéritif-based), the drink is on the lighter side, perfect as a warm-weather afternoon sipper—and an antidote to cocktails that are often either cloyingly sweet or overwhelmingly strong. I've started keeping a bunch of celery in my crisper drawer just for cocktail purposes, and I truly believe no juicer has ever been put to better use.