Kentucky vs. Morocco Cocktail
This true tin-cup mint julep, from Toronto gastropub The Black Hoof, has a serious spice-bazaar kick. Get the recipe for Kentucky vs. Morocco Cocktail ». Chuck Ortiz,

My friend Anel and I dropped into The Black Hoof, an elegant gastropub in Toronto, Canada, one evening when her husband could watch the kids. It was my kind of girls’ night out — we shared a selection of the restaurant’s incredible housemade charcuterie, spread roasted bone marrow on grilled bread, and washed everything down with rounds of perfectly balanced cocktails. My favorite was the Kentucky vs. Morocco, a true tin-cup mint julep with a serious spice-bazaar kick. It’s thirst-quenching and slightly astringent: coriander and peppercorn add a bit of mystery, while a currant and golden raisin infusion provides a dusky roundness reminiscent of desert air. It takes a month to prepare the bourbon, so even though I’m not quite ready for a cool julep now, I’ll be sure to start this project in time for summer’s heat.

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