Friday Cocktails: The Paloma

By Jo Keohane

Published on February 4, 2011

Of all of the regular tasks we undertake in the SAVEUR test kitchen, reorganizing the liquor cabinet must be the most fun.Today, we spent a fascinating hour smelling, categorizing, and tasting the various liquors of the world that have accumulated in our bar over the last few months. Yes, it's a tough job — we found everything from single malt whiskeys, to French Pernod, to Czechoslovakian Becherovka (a bitter liqueur containing 32 herbs), to a secret stash of four bottles of Martini Rosso (is there a secret vemouth fan in the office?).

So inspired were we by the bounty that we've decided to bring you a regular Friday cocktail recipe to ensure we're making full use of our newly tidied liquor shelf. But what to make first? Tempted as we were, we pushed the banana liqueur and Kahlua to the side and reached instead for the tequila.

It was short work to settle on the cocktail: the Paloma, a refreshing fizz made with grapefruit, lime, and a pinch of salt — it's the most popular tequila-based cocktail in Mexico, surpassing its more famous cousin the Margarita. Sweet, sour, bitter and just a little salty, try it with a spicy appetizer for a happy hour wake-up call.

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