Favorite Holiday Recipes

Prompted by a question from our friends at the tablet reader app Pulse, we’ve gathered Saveur staff members’ favorite holiday recipes, from eat-with-everything condiments like red onion jam to full on Christmas Goose preparations.

Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

I'm not much of a baker, so I usually leave the holiday dessert-making to others. But when I first tried the recipe for these flourless peanut butter cookies, I knew I had struck gold: Made using an entire jar of peanut butter and no flour, they are a cinch to make and appeal to pretty much everyone. —Anique Halliday, Senior Web Producer
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Christmas Goose With Stuffing

Everyone has to have their goose cooked at least once in their lives. Take three days off, gather one or two kitchen-smart cooking partners, and get Zen about it. It will be a delicious milestone in your culinary life. —Betsy Andrews, Executive Editor
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Red Onion Jam

This simple, sweet-tart, and rich red onion jam, made by cooking red onions in butter, sugar, vinegar, and Chambord for nearly an hour, is absolutely amazing. This recipe pairs it with grilled chicken (delicious!) but it's also great with roasted pork, and it's fantastic with cheese and charcuterie: I tend to make a big batch of the stuff so I have plenty to get through the holidays. —Karen Shimizu, Senior Editor
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Fennel Baked in Cream

It's not strictly a holiday dish, but the richness of finocchio al forno (fennel baked in cream) makes for a perfectly celebratory side dish. —Helen Rosner, Senior Web Editor
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Rainbow Cookies

When I was living in San Francisco, there was nary a rainbow cookie to be found, so I resorted to baking, something I never do. This recipe made the California holiday season seem a little bit more like home. —Sophie Brickman, Associate Editor
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Nutella Buns

We always have a big brunch after everyone opens their presents on Christmas morning. My mom makes a French toast casserole the night before, my dad is in charge of bacon and eggs, and my sister and I contribute odds and ends. This year I''ll be making these indulgent morning buns, because who can resist a cinnamon roll enriched with melty, messy Nutella? —Cory Baldwin, Assistant Web Editor
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Escarole Soup

Our Italian Christmas issue from December 2011 remains one of my favorites. And the recipe I love most is one based on former executive editor Dana Bowen's grandfather's recipe for escarole soup. Comforting and complex, it's a traditional Italian soup that everyone, Italian or not, should embrace as their own. —Keith Pandolfi, Senior Editor
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Roast Lamb with Apple and Fennel

My family always cooks up some kind of grand lamb roast for Christmas Eve dinner. This year I'll be roasting a leg of lamb glazed with red currant jelly and pomegranate molasses alongside whole apples and fennel, served scattered with fresh mint leaves. —Anna Stockwell, Assistant Web Editor
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